If you hear someone talk about a waterbed it makes you think back to when you were a kid and everyone had one. Waterbeds were very hot back in the 1970’s and 1980’s and they’re making a comeback today.

Silvano are not sure of using a waterbed, since they’re not positive if they are good for them or not. When waterbeds first came out, the mattresses did not have as many variants to them as they do now. Nowadays you may get waterbeds at several distinct levels of support which range from full motion to waveless.

If you are not certain if a waterbed is for you or not then look at the advantages and disadvantages listed below. They map out the advantages and disadvantages of having a waterbed. Remember that what works well for one person might not operate well for another.



People who suffer with asthma can actually gain from waterbeds, since they don’t carry such things as dust mites, as a normal mattress does. Waterbeds are extremely hygienic and offer asthma victims a fresh dust free bed to sleep in.

Backache relief

Waterbeds offer you the ones that suffer with backaches an opportunity to sleep in excellent posture as the bed molds itself to your entire body frame. It is helpful to reduce backaches and tension in the back, providing you relief on a daily basis.

Relief from Arthritis

Waterbeds are heated and when you sleep on the heated waterbed, the warmth combined with your weight being evenly distributed, you will find that achy joints and arthritis pains will probably be much less in the daytime.

Bedsore relief

Those that suffer from bedsores can get much relief from a waterbed because it helps to evenly distribute your weight, which makes less strain on the areas prone to bedsores.

Cure for Insomnia

A lot of people that have trouble sleeping find they can get a good night’s sleep in a waterbed. This is a result of how their body can relax much better using all the heated water and their weight is equally dispersed on the bed so they can find a better nights rest.



One of the biggest cons of a waterbed is that the weight of the mattress when it’s full of water. This is not a sensible alternative for the ones that live in an upstairs apartment of for those that possess their bedrooms on the second floor.

Back Issues

While this is great for the ones that suffer with specific back ailments, it may also be hard for those with back issues to get in and out of the mattress.


Some studies reveal that the speed of miscarriages is slightly higher in women who sleep in waterbeds then people who don’t. This is thought to be due to the warmth the waterbed gives off. There are many pros and cons to sleeping on a waterbed but what it boils down is your personal choice. What works well for one person may not operate well at all for another.